OSC, the financial risk management and insurance services company, has selected Kirk A Stephens as senior vice president and chief compliance officer.

OSC is owned by Breckenridge Insurance Group, an underwriting manager, insurance services and wholesale broker.

Most recently Stephens was working with Federal Deposit Insurance Corp as senior deputy director of supervisory examinations office in Washington, DC.

In his new job, Stephens will spearhead OSC’s portfolio of risk management regulatory and compliance services for banks and other mortgage lenders, said the firm.

The OSC tracking technology of OSC Compliance Services offers integrated, automated insurance and tax escrow processing and offers a single-source solution that meets all the federal requirements and can document compliance.

Breckenridge Insurance Group CEO Tracey Carragher said their customers face more and more complex regulatory challenges, especially as the housing markets begin to strengthen.

"Kirk brings to OSC an exceptional understanding of the changing regulatory environment which our customers face every day," Carragher added.

Stephens said, "OSC has invested additional capital in compliance operations that supports a new generation of technology that aligns with federal risk management guidelines and the requirements of the new consumer protection laws and regulations."

Stephens will manage both internal compliance and be responsible for providing financial risk management advisory and compliance services to lenders.