Oracle Insurance has launched new Oracle Insurance Insight 7.0, a new insurance-specific data warehouse and business intelligence(BI) solution that according to the company offers faster, easier access to the information needed to make critical business decisions.

The latest release introduces the concept of ‘adaptive data modeling’, which gives business users the power to configure lines of business via an easy-to-use warehouse palette tool.

Oracle Insurance Insight 7.0 provides insurance-specific data models that companies can easily configure to meet their specific BI needs. The application aggregates policy and claims data to give property & casualty (P&C) or general insurers a single view of the enterprise.

Oracle Insurance Insight 7.0 includes prebuilt content and interfaces for six P&C lines. Additionally, insurers can use the warehouse palette to deploy any and all P&C lines of business from scratch, helping insurers support operations in any country.

The newest version also provides support for multiple languages and currencies.

Oracle Insurance vice president for product strategy Srini Venkatasantham said that the adaptive data modeling approach of Oracle Insurance Insight 7.0, combined with the insurance-specific data model, offers global insurance companies a faster, easier way to get the intelligence they need to make better-informed business decisions.