Open GI has teamed up with identity check specialists IIL and GBGroup in a bid to strengthen its latest innovation - Open Client Check.

The powerful duo is now providing a range of verification checks for Open Client Check in addition to Experian, who were announced earlier this year. Open Client Check is just one of Open GI’s latest innovations. It is fully integrated with Open GI’s core system and allows brokers to validate their customers during a sales transaction with a simple ID check.

IIL will be providing brokers with access to Callcredit’s ID verification alongside the Insurance Initiatives’ Informed Claims database. The results from these checks are then utilised to interrogate the data further, unearthing any undisclosed claims. The final outcome of which is linked into the Client Check technology to allow brokers to quote an appropriate premium.

Peter Lacey, Sales and Commercial Director, IIL said: "Insurance Initiatives is thrilled to be making our data-enrichment hub available to a wider range of brokers. Our partnership with Open GI and Callcredit enables us to provide an easy to implement, highly effective solution to challenges currently facing the market."

GBGroup, who are a leading global provider of individual identity management solutions, will work with the Open Client Check product to complement existing data partners. GBG are a proven provider in the industry and combine data with technology to provide unique and broad Identity Verification checks.

Ryan Morrison, Sales Director, GBGroup added: "By partnering with Open GI, the automation of our unique identity verification services will reduce the overall policy administration time whilst assisting the drive to prevent insurance fraud. We are delighted to be working with Open GI to support our growing presence in this marketplace."

Open GI’s Distribution Director, David Kelly, concluded: "With fraud being such a focal point within the industry, we wanted to ensure that Open GI work with the right specialists to give our brokers the best service. IIL and GBGroup each within their own merit provide exceptional levels of support in terms of identity verification. We are delighted to be working with both of these companies."