Provides visitors with multiple quotes from various companies free of charge is offering an online service to compare car insurance to help keep the cost of coverage down. Customers can find the difference between overpaying for coverage and the best deal possible to compare quotations online with the completion of a brief questionnaire. Customers can also examine online the auto insurance quotes comparison in order to purchase an affordable new policy.

The company said that it can help visitors avoid making a mistake such as comparing companies based on different types of coverage. When a consumer enters their information to obtain quotations, they will receive rates from multiple companies based on the same coverage requested. This can help eliminate comparing insurers based on different levels of protection which can result in an ineffective and misleading quotes comparison.

The company added that completing an online questionnaire can provide visitors with multiple quotes from various reputable companies. The insurance policy rates can vary based on the type of policy chosen, therefore one company may seem to be cheaper, but it may only be because they are quoting less protection.