OneBeacon Insurance Group has launched Data Breach Recovery, a new solution for midsize businesses that combines data breach protection with response services.

OneBeacon has said that Data Breach Recovery insurance includes Data Breach Recovery Expense coverage for the costs of responding to a data breach, and Data Breach Services to help a business prepare for a potential incident and notify affected individuals should a breach occur.

Data Breach Recovery Expense provides coverage for specified expenses incurred as the result of a data breach: cost of notification, forensic analysis, proactive monitoring services, legal services; public relations, third-party data breach, data breach ransom, and data breach reward.

Data Breach Services include specialized response services provided by Identity Theft 911 policy. The policy also includes an additional service endorsement that enables policyholders, their employees, and the employees’ resident family members to take advantage of Identity Theft Resolution Services from Identity Theft 911 if they have a personal need for assistance with identity-related concerns.