Changes take place at parent holding company level, mortgage guaranty and title insurance segments

Old Republic International has made multiple senior executive transitions, most of which take effect July 1, 2010.

The company said that the changes are taking place at the parent holding company level and at the mortgage guaranty and title insurance segments of business.

At the Old Republic parent company, Christopher Nard was appointed president and chief operating officer. He succeeds James Kellogg who has elected to reduce his work commitment over time and will now serve as executive vice chairman. Both the positions are direct reports to Aldo Zucaro, chairman and CEO. All three individuals will continue in the company’s eight-member Office of the Chief Executive Officer (OCEO).

In the company’s mortgage guaranty segment, Mr Nard was appointed chairman of the Mortgage Insurance Companies. He succeeds William Simpson as chairman and Jimmy Dew as vice chairman both of whom will continue as consultants to the company‚Äôs senior management, and as board members of these companies and of Old Republic International Corporation.

Additionally, Mr Nard retains his responsibilities as president and CEO of the Mortgage Insurance Companies. The mortgage insurers’ board also appointed Ronald Buck as chief administrative officer. Mr Nard and Mr Buck continue in the mortgage guaranty segment’s seven member OCEO.

In the company’s title insurance segment, Mark Bilbrey was appointed president of the Old Republic Title Companies. He succeeds Rande Yeager who retains his responsibilities as chairman & CEO. Both men continue in the title segment’s OCEO which is being enlarged from its eight member configuration with the appointment of Cheryl Jones as executive vice president of human resources & communications, and Charles Kovaleski, executive vice president of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and president of the attorneys title division.

In announcing all of the above, Zucaro noted that the board’s appointments at these senior executive levels . . . augur well for the continuity of Old Republic’s Mission as one of the nation’s fifty largest publicly held insurance institutions. Each of these individuals brings time-tested, wide-ranging experience to their added responsibilities, and each is firmly grounded in Old Republic’s service culture, value system, and long-term orientation in the management of the business.

No changes were made at the OCEO of Old Republic’s general insurance group.