Oceanwide, a Canadian SaaS insurance software provider, has upgraded its SaaS-based insurance software modules suite known as Bridge.

The company said that the enhancements to Bridge have been designed primarily to help business users.

Bridge features modules for policy administration (PAS), rating, document/policy production, workflow management, claims, billing, business intelligence (BI), and agent and consumer portals.

It provides end-to-end processing for property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies, brokers, and MGAs and allows easy configuration of insurance products and customization of agent and consumer portals by business users through an easy-to-use user interface (UI).

The UI provides configurable workflow widgets to highlight key information, actions users can perform, or provide support such as live chat or content for cross-selling.

The enhancements allow users to add links, external application programming interface (API) calls and notifications to their workflows based on user-defined business rules.

Using the new suite, product designers can incorporate rich content into a configurable quote-bind-issue-pay interface without facing any delays in the third-party professional services.

Oceanwide co-founder and COO Mark Adessky said, "Oceanwide clients must be able to respond to market changes and design products that directly address market opportunities quickly and without the typical constraints of custom programming and exorbitant professional services fees the industry has previously been forced to accept.

"These new enhancements further that mission and the reception from our clients has been extremely positive."