New York Central Mutual Insurance (NYCM) has formed a partnership with flood insurance provider Wright Flood to provide federal flood insurance for its policyholders.

Under the partnership, Wright Flood will write and renew all new flood insurance policies for New York Central Mutual Insurance from 6 August 2013 and 1 October 2013 respectively.

Wright Flood will serve customers and manage flood claims from its flood processing center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Wright Flood president Henry Neal Conolly said the company employs the largest full time flood claims staff in the industry to adjust and pay losses quickly.

"A single focus on flood means we are not diverted or delayed from paying claims by any conflicting property coverage," Neal Conolly added.

Within the first 90 days after Superstorm Sandy, Wright Flood closed or advanced payment to nearly 70% of claimants. Wright Flood is a member of The Wright Insurance Group.