UK insurer Norwich Union is launching an investment fund which blends two investment strategies in one portfolio designed to perform in all stock market conditions.

The GBP200 million Growth and Value fund will be managed by JPMorgan Asset Management. According to Norwich Union, the fund combines growth investing where stocks that are earning faster than the market are chosen and value investing, where solid but unfashionable stocks are picked. Norwich Union believes that together the two strategies will outperform over several market conditions.

Neil Davies, director of investment at Norwich Union, said: This is an exciting fund launch that will interest advisers and their customers who are looking for growth, but who want a fund that is flexible and makes the most of different market conditions.

The fund launch is part of Norwich Union’s ongoing drive to develop its investment range and increase sales of collective investments. In the past 12 months it has launched four manager of managers funds and an online portfolio planner.