North American Title Insurance (NATIC) and RedVision have teamed up to provide RedVision’s search, examination and curative-ready solutions to NATIC’s independent agents across 38 states via NATIC’s online portal, SearchLink Network.

RedVision is an independent national provider of comprehensive title searches and real property research solutions.

"NATIC has committed to our agents that we will provide them with the tools they need to compete in the market," said Emilio Fernandez, NATIC president. "Agents have a lot on their plates and need a streamlined solution for complex searches and examinations. RedVision’s solutions will allow agents to work quickly and adapt easily to fluctuating volumes, especially when their workload expands."

NATIC offers agents the capability of handling top-quality local searches anywhere in the nation at competitive prices via its SearchLink Network. Each provider has contracted with NATIC and the liability for any search errors remains with the SearchLink Network and NATIC. This arrangement offers peace of mind to NATIC agents who can order searches knowing they meet NATIC’s requirements for quality and accuracy.

"Our partnership enables RedVision to provide NATIC’s independent agents a single source solution that delivers convenient, comprehensive, and uniform title-related products through the SearchLink Network," said Brian Twibell, chief executive officer for RedVision. "Together we help independent agents rapidly address market demands and create new efficiencies in the property research process. The result is immediate cost savings to NATIC’s agents."