Claims to enhance producer licensing and appointment processes

The National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) and the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD) have signed a MOU to harmonize specific NIPR processes with existing ACORD messaging library data and message definitions in a move toward enhancing the producer licensing and appointment processes.

By working together, ACORD and NIPR plan to streamline the overall process by mapping approximately nine NIPR transactions to the ACORD Messaging Library, a cross-domain messaging standard.

To implement the partnership, ACORD will form a working group consisting of its members and representatives from the NIPR. The group will document the use cases related to the transactions, map the transactions and analyze the implementation of the messages. In the end, industry participants can implement the actual ACORD messages in a business environment to streamline the process, the company said.

Maryellen Waggoner, executive director of NIPR, said: The benefit for the insurance industry will be that producers can create NIPR transactions out of the same message elements they are using today to communicate with each other. This will make it easier to integrate NIPR messages into their systems, bringing us one step closer to a uniform system for the industry.

Gregory Maciag, president and CEO of ACORD, said: ACORD’s messaging has always benefited insurance producers and insurance companies. But now state insurance regulators will benefit from the utilization of these standards already prevalent across the industry.