Company has been piloting its Korean initiative in selected markets

Nippon Life Benefits (Nippon Life) has introduced a new program specifically targeting the employee benefit needs of Korean companies operating in the US.

Nippon Life has been piloting its Korean initiative in selected markets. This program has already resulted in a number of prominent Korean companies as clients, claims the company.

Akira Hosoda, CEO and president of Nippon Life, said: The rollout of Nippon Life Benefits’ program for Korean companies is a natural extension of our success in serving Japanese and other US employers that value quality care and high quality service. Nippon Life Benefits spent months working with Korean employers and the brokers who serve them to understand their unique needs and to develop a program that meets those specific needs. We received very strong and positive feedback, and we believe the program will be another driver of growth for our US franchise.”

Nippon Life intends to support and serve Korean businesses, in which program will be rolled out market by market as broker and customer relationships are developed.