ABD expects to begin the offering of company’ CARExpress programs to its members in July 2009

ABD Federal Credit Union (ABD), which serves as the credit union for current and retired employees of US automaker Chrysler, would be marketing and selling National Health Partners’ (NHP) CARExpress membership programs to ABD members.

As per the sales and marketing arrangement, ABD will be promoting the company’ CARExpress health membership programs to its members through its branch locations and media. ABD expects to begin the offering of company’s CARExpress programs to ABD members in July 2009.

Carolyn Edwards, CEO, ABD Federal Credit Union, said: “CARExpress is a wonderful program that provides a wide range of health benefits that our members will be delighted to have. We look forward to working with National Health Partners to provide our members with affordable healthcare solutions.”

National Health Partners is likely to join ABD’s other strategic business partners, including Merrill Lynch and mortgage centers.