CapitalRock said that New York Life Insurance Company has licensed the RightBridge Sales System. After a successful pilot, New York Life will make RightBridge available to all of its agents this year.

According to CapitalRock, RightBridge is an electronic tool which uses a business intelligence and analytics engine to analyze a client’s needs in comparison to that client’s current portfolio of products and coverage, identifying areas that may need future focus.

In addition, RightBridge provides agents with timely information and detailed reasons why each opportunity is relevant; and giving agents information they need to engage in meaningful discussions with their clients. All of this is accomplished with no agent intervention required, no queries, reports. It appears on agent’s dashboard to implement actions that may lead to efficient sales activity.

John Hyde, CEO of CapitalRock, said: “New York Life was just ranked as the number one most admired life insurance company in America by Fortune magazine and consistently has more MDRT agents than any other company in the United States and we are honored to have them as a RightBridge client.”

Tom Shea, first vice president of New York Life, said: “New York Life looks forward to making this innovative electronic tool available to our field force. We received positive feedback from the agents involved in the pilot program and expect that the roll-out to our entire field force will be well-received and enable our agents to more easily provide the best service to New York Life’s policy owners and potential policy owners.”