NetDiligence and SecurityScorecard announced a partnership to help cyber liability insurers better gauge the security posture of policyholders and applicants for coverage.

Under terms of the agreement, NetDiligence, a long-time leader in enterprise-wide cyber risk assessments, will offer SecurityScorecard’s risk grading service as part of its QuietAudit assessment service.

"When evaluating the security health of an organization, especially in today’s interconnected world, the ability to gain right-now insight into potential malicious threats is critical," said Mark Greisiger, NetDilgence’s president.

"By partnering with SecurityScorecard, NetDiligence is able to provide that information to insurers as an important addition to our traditional cyber risk assessment services that evaluate people, processes and technology."

NetDiligence’s QuietAudit cyber risk assessment service provides client risk managers and their insurers a 360 degree view of their cyber risk exposures.

"SecurityScorecard is pleased have its continuous and comprehensive risk measurement service be added to NetDiligence’s cyber risk assessment services," said Aleksandr Yampolskiy, SecurityScorecard’s CEO.

"As a part of their QuietAudit service, SecurityScorecard’s grading service provides all the intelligence to thoroughly understand all the malicious data security threats an applicant or client faces and be able make smarter decisions and, more importantly, take action to reduce or eliminate threats."

SecurityScorecard provides objective measurements of all potential risk factors as well as indicators of trends and emerging risks.
This objectivity helps to select the most attractive, lowest risk applicants in less time, with less cost and less exposure.

SecurityScorecard also allows stratification of applicants by risk level acceptability or by the amount of risk that can be carried at one time. The service does all its measuring, monitoring and analysis without the need to get permission from potential or current policyholders.