The Nationwide Building Society has announced that Christmas shoppers intending to buy electrical items costing over GBP50, which are paid with a Nationwide credit card, will be covered by the Society's one year extended warranty.

The new insurance cover will provide a further 12 months’ warranty after the manufacturer’s warranty expires – and is free. To avail the new offer customers must register their purchase within 60 days, with a simple phone call. The list of items covered in the policy include plasma screen TVs, DVD players, Hi-fis, camcorders, digital cameras to GBP1,000.

Jeremy Wood, divisional director at Nationwide, said: Lots of people will be buying electrical goods this Christmas, such as DVD players, cameras and TVs. When making these purchases using a Nationwide credit card, customers can benefit from an extra year’s warranty, giving them peace of mind that they are covered once the manufacturer’s guarantee has expired.