Nationwide Financial Services has introduced a web-based investment tool, Investment Solutions Builder to enable Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) to build fund lineups, create asset allocation models for fee-based retirement plans.

The tool provides flexibility to create and manage plans’ investments and asset allocation models through an automated process for the RIAs.

Nationwide Financial Retirement Plans president Anne Arvia said that the Investment Solutions Builder has been developed to provide the control, flexibility and expertise that will facilitate their service to clients.

The Investment Solutions Builder provides fund options based on asset class category and other selected performance criteria, and enables detailed fund information access such as performance, ratings, fees and risk measures to facilitate the selection and monitoring of models for the RIAs.

The tool also enables addition of any fund available in the program platform, including alternative funds that are not part of the plan’s core fund lineup, to their models.

Additionally the tool provides a model selection risk questionnaire for plan participants who are considering an asset allocation model.

The technology offers integration of asset allocation models into the participant enrollment materials, websites and statements, which creates efficiency for both the RIA and plan participants with change plan models in real time or up to 90 days in the future when given authority by the plan sponsor2.