The company's board of directors elected Huffman to new position

National Financial Services has appointed Gary Doc Huffman as vice chairman and chief operating officer. The Ohio National board of directors elected Huffman to the new position.

Mr Huffman joined Ohio National as vice chairman of distribution in August, 2008. Prior to joining Ohio National, he served as president and CEO of The Union Central Life Insurance Company and executive vice president and director of the UNIFI Mutual Holding Company.

With the election to vice chairman and chief operating officer, Mr Huffman continues to serve in the four-person Office of the Chairman. The Office of the Chairman includes John Palmer, vice chairman, Ronald Dolan, vice chairman and chief risk officer, Huffman and O’Maley. It was formed in 2008 to enhance the strategic growth of the enterprise and provide for continuity of management.

David O’Maley, president and CEO of Ohio National Chairman, said: Through Doc’s leadership and focus, our distribution channels have had record-breaking recruiting years in 2009, and sales of our core individual life and individual annuity products are running well ahead of the industry. Doc has been instrumental in positioning Ohio National as an industry and marketplace leader – the ‘flight to quality’ company – during this very challenging time.