The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) announced a new relationship with Markel FirstComp, a division of Markel Service, Inc., ("Markel FirstComp") through which eligible small business owners across the country can qualify for workers' compensation insurance at competitive rates.

NFIB, which represents 325,000 local businesses in the US, named Markel FirstComp as their newest preferred provider of workers’ compensation insurance coverage for its members. NFIB chose Markel FirstComp based on its financial strength, focus on small business, and its ability to customize plans to meet the needs of individual customers.

"We try very hard to give our members access to the services and products they need." said Mark Garzone, Sr. VP in charge of Marketing for the NFIB. "Competitive workers’ comp coverage is critical for small business owners and this new relationship creates a real value for our members."

The NFIB/Markel FirstComp relationship offers a number of advantages for NFIB members and will offer a number of benefits* for NFIB’s small business owners such as:

Pricing credits

Exclusive NFIB Policyholder Dividends

Tools and information designed to enhance businesses and employees’ safety

"The addition of Markel FirstComp as a provider could help our members save money on their insurance premiums and reward them for maintaining a safe work environment." said Garzone. "With Markel FirstComp, we are offering a product that provides opportunities for pricing credits and a member-exclusive dividend opportunity. Those two features can help our members improve their profitability and protect their employees."

Workers’ compensation insurance is a necessity for small business owners who could otherwise lose everything because of an accident or claim. Finding the right coverage is often difficult, however, and choices are sometimes limited.

"For nearly 20 years Markel FirstComp has been focused on supporting America’s small business community by offering affordable access to workers’ compensation coverage and related services to protect themselves and their employees," stated Chad Bertucci, Regional President of Markel FirstComp.

The program will be administered by NFIB Member Services Corporation (MSC), a wholly owned, for profit, subsidiary of National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and MSC Insurance Agency of Tennessee, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of MSC. Visit MemberVantage Program for more information about NFIB member services.