Private mortgage insurer integrated with new rate comparison tool that provides loan officers with mortgage insurance rate quotes in seconds


National MI integrated with PMI Rate Pro. (Credit: Goumbik from Pixabay)

National Mortgage Insurance Corporation (National MI), a subsidiary of NMI Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: NMIH), announced that it is now fully integrated with PMI Rate Pro, a software platform that quickly gives loan officers all available mortgage insurance rates, enabling them to identify the most affordable rates for their borrowers.

PMI Rate Pro was founded by Nomi Smith and Luke Landau, two experienced loan officers.  It is a stand-alone tool built with an application programming interface (API), and is customer relationship management (CRM)-agnostic.

“PMI Rate Pro saves loan officers time and fits in very well with National MI’s Rate GPSSM pricing tool,” said Norm Fitzgerald, chief sales officer for National MI. “It’s easy for loan officers to use and aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver a better mortgage insurance experience for our clients.”

“PMI Rate Pro is different because we offer a niche product that only provides mortgage insurance quotes,” said Donald Hawkins, chief innovation officer with PMI Rate Pro. “Due to a lack of time, many loan officers were only getting two rate quotes for their borrowers. PMI Rate Pro delivers multiple rate quotes in seconds.”

The onboarding process with lenders has been going smoothly, according to Megan Darnell, vice president of operations with PMI Rate Pro. “We truly value companies like National MI, which embraces technology and has made the integration seamless. PMI Rate Pro and National MI also have a shared interest in making life easier for loan officers, and ultimately in helping homebuyers get into homes,” Darnell said. “Interest from lenders has been strong,” she said.

“PMI Rate Pro is a real game-changer for loan officers,” said Dan Moralez, regional vice president with Northpointe Bank. “By presenting all available MI rate quotes, it saves mortgage originators valuable time, and can also reduce monthly costs for borrowers.”

Source: Company Press Release