National Life & General Insurance, a subsidiary of Oman National Investment Corporation, has partnered with Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group (DGJG), to introduce a comprehensive and affordable insurance scheme for members.

Under this partnership, the insurer encourages all DGJG member companies to offer medical insurance coverage, will benefit thousands of gold and jewellery industry employees across Dubai.

The policy is brokered by Global Life Financial Solutions from the National Life & General Insurance Company and Mipol Health Care Services.

Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group chairman Anan Fakhreddin said this initiative underlines DGJG’s commitment to actively develop the gold and jewellery industry in Dubai and the UAE and to help all members – irrespective of their size of operations and to provide comprehensive medical insurance to their staff.

"This includes broad coverage, cash less settlements; and admission to best available hospitals, clinics and medical centres,"Fakhreddin said.

National Life & General Insurance Company SAOC CEO Venkatachalam said its partnership with the Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group is one such step in providing comprehensive affordable healthcare.