US-based property/casualty insurer Mutual Benefit Group has replaced its legacy claims system with Accenture Claim Components, to enhance efficiency in handling and paying claims by automating certain claims processes and put sharper focus on value-adding activities.

The software has been integrated with the insurer’s existing Accenture Duck Creek Policy Administration system, to guarantee a flawless transfer of information between underwriters and claims adjusters.

Mutual Benefit Group claims vice president Mark Russell said that taking care of its customers’ claims is a top priority, so the company identified key areas that could be improved by transforming some current claims operation functions.

"We expect to reap the benefits of modern technology in improved customer service and lower costs, as well as improve operational efficiencies through integrations with existing Accenture Duck Creek software," Russell added.

Accenture offers policy, claims and billing software to carriers as an integrated suite of software with modules, which can be deployed separately or as part of a broader migration strategy.

The technology company claims that the integrated software enable underwriter, irrespective of sizes, to benefit from a flexible suite of property & casualty (P&C) software to configure products, transact lines of business and process claims.