Mr. Gaubatz will be a part of North American Enterprise Risk Management team

Munich American Reassurance Company, a life reinsurance company in the US, has appointed Dieter Gaubatz, as vice president, Biometric Research.

In his new role, Mr. Gaubatz will be a part of the newly formed North American Enterprise Risk Management team. He will report to Saskia Goedhart, chief risk officer.

Most recently, Mr. Gaubatz served as vice president, manager and senior actuary products at Swiss Re. He is a well known thought leader on mortality and morbidity research, where he led the development of actuarial methods that allow life insurance mortality assumptions to be adjusted to reflect different international markets.

Ms. Goedhart said: “Advanced research is more and more critical to effective life insurance risk management, not just for us, but for our clients. We are determined to be a leader in this area, and to employ leading edge talent and state-of-the-art tools to benefit our customers.”

Mike DeKoning, president and CEO of Munich American Re, said: “The establishment of this dedicated research unit is consistent with Munich Re’s global focus on bringing additional value to its clients. The new team incorporates existing resources from across Munich Re’s North American life reinsurance businesses under Dieter’s leadership and creates a leading edge mortality and morbidity research team that I am confident, once fully functional and integrated into our business, will assist Munich Re and our clients in managing mortality and morbidity issues and better understanding how their insurance program designs and risk controls should affect their assumptions.”