Dallas-based Multifamily Insurance Group (MIG) has been selected by Yardi Systems, a California-based real estate software firm, to provide ResidentShield renters insurance products to its clients.

The insurer has developed comprehensive renters and liability insurance products for apartment residents via its insurance program, ResidentShield.

Yardi said it will now offer insurance coverage through ResidentShield for personal liability, personal property and living expenses for losses caused by fire, theft and other unexpected events.

Trip Stanford and Mike Composono, principals of MIG have joined Yardi’s newly formed insurance division.

Yardi executive vice president and chief operating officer Gordon Morrell said its goal is to provide clients with a full-business solution including dynamic rental pricing, online resident services, utility billing and resident screening using a single platform.

"That integrated offering now includes the reduced insurance risk for property owners and the peace of mind for renters that ResidentShield makes possible," Morrell said.