Multico Rating Systems has signed a partnership agreement with Marshall & Swift/Boeckh (MSB) in an effort to create once and done homeowners transaction processes.

As part of the agreement, Multico will use MSB’s Residential Component Technology (RCT) to provide Multico-Online clients with real-time once and done Insurance to Value (ITV) processing, to help increase productivity and revenue opportunities for agents and carriers.

Multico-Online will use RCT and InterChange services to pre fill building characteristics and other information required for completion of homeowners insurance applications.

The valuation requests will then simultaneously be routed to multiple carriers using MSB’s new Grand Central Express (GCX) web-hosted network on MSB web-hosted sites for that agent.

MSB Agency Operations vice president Jerry Fox said, ”Combining Multico-Online and MSB’s web-hosted network significantly enhances the rating process by expediting quoting and reducing duplicate entry errors.”

Multico Rating Systems president Charles Anderson said the integration enables a much more seamless interview process through Multico-Online’s homeowners rating component.

"The ability to receive Insurance to Value data from MSB will dramatically streamline the rating process by improving the speed and accuracy of homeowners rate generation," Anderson added.