Marshall & Swift/Boeckh (MSB) has signed an agreement with Pictometry International to add new Risk Visualization capability to RCT Express, in an effort to enhance risk assessment accuracy at policy creation for insurers.

The partnership is expected to enable the insurers to conduct a comprehensive visual inspection of a property within their policy quote workflow, including 360° viewing of the structure and its surroundings.

Using Pictometry’s patented process for delivering aerial imagery at an oblique angle, the customers will be able to view properties from a more natural and intuitive perspective, when compared to satellite or other aerial capture processes.

Pictometry chief marketing officer Jim Smyth said the partnership with MSB supports the company’s strategy of integrating its imagery and tools within a workflow that is already used by insurance professionals.

"Bringing two innovative products together to enable a more accurate and effective policy quote and issuance process will make a significant difference in helping insurance organizations, with customer service being the number one advantage," Smyth added.

Seamless integration within the RCT Express platform helps insurers to collect and validate more accurate property characteristics and also identify potential exposures eliminating the requirement for them to leave their workflow.