According to Allianz Cornhill, UK consumers are increasingly turning to their home contents insurer for help in resolving disputes with their neighbors, after a survey revealed that a third of Brits have argued with their neighbors.

In 2006, Cornhill Direct Insurance received 500 calls from policyholders asking for help to resolve a neighborly dispute, an increase of 10% over the previous year, with the majority of calls being made during the summer.

Cornhill Direct’s home contents insurance policyholders can opt for legal expenses cover, which includes access to advice on any personal legal matter.

Arguments can be sparked from the tiniest things, it appears, with the top three most hated outdoor objects featuring wind chimes, caravans and over-sized trampolines, which can trigger a major quarrel.

The survey of 3,500 homeowners revealed that a fifth of people believe that their neighbor’s house or garden ruins the overall appearance of the street and 27% of people said that their neighbors need to spend more time on tending to the appearance of their house.

Furthermore, a staggering 91% said that their own garden is far nicer than their neighbor’s and 5% of people believe their neighbor has stolen from their garden.

The poll also revealed homeowners spend an average of GBP180 a year on their garden to make sure theirs is the best in the neighborhood.