UK general insurer More Th>n has enhanced its home insurance product and is making 15% of the policy cover available to the policyholder's children, at no extra cost, while they are studying at college or university.

In a press release, More Th>n highlighted student houses as one of the most common targets for burglars, due to their relatively poor security. However, these houses are usually filled with high value items, such as computers, mobile phones and stereos. A typical British student has an average of over GBP4,000 worth of possessions.

More Th>n’s home insurance policy also offers free legal advice, which may be particularly useful if a dispute arises with a landlord, which is, according to the company’s data, a common cause of calls from students’ parents. The 24-hour legal helpline is manned by qualified legal professionals, and is available for any family member to use.

Keith Maxwell, head of insurance at More Th>n, commented: Parents can have a lot to think about when their children go away to university, to ensure they are financially secure and protected against any eventuality. With our students’ possessions cover, parents can rest assured that their children’s valuable belongings are properly covered. Our legal helpline can also help parents should they need to deal with sorting out leases or disputes with landlords.