A research conducted by the Moneysupermarket.com has reveled that one in seven British holidaymakers never take travel insurance.

The survey has revealed that only half of Brits take out cover every time they go away and some jetsetters tend to pick and choose when they take out insurance. A quarter admitted they only cover themselves for trips outside the UK, and nearly one in 10 only purchase insurance for long haul trips.

The research further revealed 17% of men don’t take out insurance compared to 12% of women. Those in Wales are the most penny-pinching with 5% only purchasing insurance for trips outside Europe compared to 11% in London and 9% in the Midlands.

The research also found that travelers are less likely to take adequate cover if they are going on a short-haul trip.

Peter Gerrard, head of insurance research at moneysupermarket.com, said: Some people may also consider travel insurance as an unwanted extra expense; but with annual world-wide cover for a family of four costing as little as GBP40 there really is no excuse to travel without adequate cover.