New research by has found that motor insurance for men is 9% more expensive than women.

Men in their twenties pay 41% more for their motor insurance compared with thirty-something men, according to the research.

The analysis of 12 million motor insurance quotes by for the year 2007 has revealed that the average car insurance premium for a man in his 20s was GBP370, GBP108 dearer than the GBP262 average for a man in his 30s.

Women enjoyed cheaper premiums until they hit their 50s. The average quote for a 20-something woman was GBP320 over 2007 – 16% cheaper than their male counterparts. Overall, men paid 9% more for their car insurance cover compared with women.

But the starkest difference was for teenagers, with 18-year-old women paying GBP861 less than males. Teenaged males who get through their first year of driving unscathed enjoyed a reduction in premiums from GBP1,815 to GBP874 when they hit 19.

The findings also highlighted older drivers getting better value for money for their car insurance compared with younger ones. Female drivers in their 50s were paying GBP203 per year on average compared with GBP320 for a female driver in her 20s. Similarly a male driver in his fifties was paying GBP199 compared to GBP370 for those in their 20s.

Peter Gerrard, head of insurance research at, said: Young and newly qualified drivers have long been perceived as high risk by the insurance industry and often find it hard to get competitive motor insurance.

But there are ways they can cut their insurance costs, such as adding a parent to their policy or looking at specialist insurers who target young drivers. It’s also clear that insurers view women as far more mature motorists at an earlier age.