A survey by MoneyExpert.com has revealed that more than six million Brits chose to switch car insurance provider over the past six months in an effort to stave off rising car insurance costs.

The research shows that 14% of people have switched their car insurance provider in the past six months, equating to some 6.43 million.

According to MoneyExpert.com, middle aged drivers are most savvy, with some 17% of 35-44 year olds claiming they have switched car insurance provider in the past six months.

Men are also slightly more likely than women to switch in favor of a cheaper deal, with 15% of male drivers compared to 13% of female drivers having switched since October last year.

Sean Gardner, founder of MoneyExpert.com, said: When it comes to car insurance, loyalty does not pay. The only way that car insurance companies can offer discounts and incentives to attract new business is by passing on the extra cost to their existing customers.

The independent comparison website warns that car insurers are expected to hike prices by up to 10% in 2008, because of rising claims.