Momentous Insurance has collaborated with Fireman' Fund and Burbank Fire Department to help protect residents of Southern California from wildfires.

Momentous Insurance Brokerage of Van Nuys, has partnered with Fireman’ Fund Insurance and Burbank Fire Department to help protect citizens from wildfires, reported Insurance Journal.

In 2006, Momentous secured a $157,000 grant from Fireman’ Fund, that was used to establish a flashover fire survival facility and provide training to Burbank area firefighters.

Steve Poizner, Commissioner, California Insurance, said: 8,700 acres were burnt in Santa Barbara last month. Over 4,000 families lost their homes in the last three years.”

Mr. Poizner urged Californians to secure adequate fire insurance, record home inventory by film or video, have a preparation kit assembled and draft a family action plain in the event of a fire.

Chuck Kavitsky, Chairman, Fireman’ Fund, said: “In addition to consumers taking responsibility to prevent fires, Kavitsky said it is important for the private sector to step up and support fire departments with strategic grants for much needed equipment because local governments are having a hard time meeting fire departments’ needs.