Utilises an electronic transactions Gateway supplied by Jopari Solutions

Mitchell Autoexpress, an information, workflow and performance management suite for the automobile insurance claims industry, has started to exchange standard electronic bills between health care providers and Autoexpress customers in Minnesota, under the state’s E3 requirements.

According to the company, it utilises an electronic transactions Gateway supplied by Jopari Solutions. Mitchell Autoexpress is likely to make E3 compliance possible through incorporating clearinghouses, billing services, practice management software vendors and health care provider organisations.

The company stated that the state is expected to implement regulations that require all health care providers and insurance carriers, including Auto Insurers, to exchange standard electronic health care administrative transactions.

Dave Torrence, senior vice president and general manager of Mitchell International, said: “These health care transaction regulations enhance opportunities for Mitchell Autoexpress to reduce our customers’ processing costs, and allow us to simplify and accelerate the Auto Medical claim life cycle.”

J.R. Stevens, CEO of Jopari, said: “Our integrated Gateway Services allow providers to submit electronic bills and attachments to Auto Medical claim payers utilizing the Autoexpress product.”