Mitchell International has announced the opening of its new Risk and Performance Optimization (RPO) solutions unit in San Diego, US.

The new unit will help the company to apply new analytics, data warehousing, and consulting resources to the complex claims management challenges facing its US customers.

RPO will offer analytics-based automation through the company’s core software platforms that help claims operations resolve claims faster, mitigate fraud, waste and abuse and maximise policy holder’s claim experience.

Mitchell CEO Alex Sun said applying advanced analytics methodologies to claims data has the promise to drive tremendous improvements and insights into the claims handling process and trends overall.

"RPO will help Mitchell’s clients deploy tools that analyze our data streams to improve and ensure fair and effective claim resolution," Sun added.

Keith Peterson, a 20-year veteran of the predictive analytics industry will lead the new RPO unit.

Mitchell International is US based provider of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the property & casualty claims and collision repair industries.