MHA Insurance Company has announced that from February 1, 2008 it will offer a premium credit of up to 5% for qualifying policyholders who utilize an Electronic Medical Records system.

A qualifying policyholder would include independent solo physicians and group physician practices. The coverage is placed by FinCor Solutions, the Michigan-based affiliate of MHA Insurance Company. To receive a first-year premium credit of 5% and subsequent annual 2.5% credits, qualifying policyholders of MHA Insurance Company must ensure that the EMR system being used by the practicing physician is certified by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology, at least 75% of physician group members must be using the EMR system and the qualifying EMR system must be operational and in use for a minimum of one year.

EMR systems claims to reduce physician risk through clear and consistent documentation, improves follow-up procedures, enhances interpretation and communication, increases security and disaster recovery capabilities. EMR systems are also linked to increased patient safety.

Tom Dickinson, president and CEO of FinCor Holdings, said: As an organization dedicated to helping our clients efficiently manage risk, we view this step as a logical application of available technology.