Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia (MFIBC) has partnered with IDT911 to provide IDT911 LifeStages Identity Management Services for MFIBC’s policy holders and families.

IDT911 said that its identity management services will prevent any identity theft issue like fraudulent medical insurance claims, loss of ID while traveling, and in setting fraud alerts post break-in.

The services will also help in replacing ID after natural disaster, in securing personal information after death and informing creditors, in prevention of misuse of the personal information of children. Also included are privacy and security settings for online accounts, e-mail and social media compromise and external breach victim notification, among others.

Apart from replacing personal documents lost, damaged, or stolen, the services help sort out issues with government agencies, credit firms, and medical providers.

MFIBC president and CEO Darin Nessel said that this service gives policyholders a comprehensive solution to protect all facets of their lives from proactive help with privacy and security settings online, to reactive help should an identity theft situation occur.

IDT911 said its fraud specialists will provide services to victims from the initial call until the case is resolved.