The partnership will enable eligible Ford vehicle owners to get built-in connectivity with customised car insurance from Metromile that is claimed to be more affordable and fairer.


Metromile to provide customised car insurance to eligible Ford vehicle owners. (Credit: oskaline from Pixabay)

Metromile, a US-based pay per mile car insurance provider, has joined forces with vehicle manufacturing major Ford Motor to create connected car insurance to eligible owners of Ford vehicles.

The partnership will enable eligible vehicle owners to get built-in connectivity with customised car insurance that is claimed to be more affordable and fairer.

Metromile CEO Dan Preston, in a blogpost, said that the car insurance firm and Ford are committed to offering meaningful experiences to vehicle owners, and are also eager to use connected vehicles for creating new ways for saving on insurance and lowering the cost of ownership.

Courtesy of the partnership, owners of eligible Ford vehicles with built-in connectivity, can now opt in and link their vehicle to Metromile. The car insurance company will then count the miles driven directly from the vehicle’s odometer accurately and securely without the need of fitting any new equipment.

Presently, Metromile’s customers who do not have factory-fitted connectivity in their vehicles, connect a small wireless device called Pulse to their vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port.

Ford Motor enterprise connectivity business operations director Alex Purdy said: “Connected vehicles have the potential to deliver great benefits to Ford customers, including the ability to help lower their insurance premiums.

“Metromile’s approach to insurance is an excellent example of how connected vehicles can help people save money by simply paying for only what they use. This is another way Ford’s latest connected vehicles are improving the ownership experience for our customers.”

The partners claimed that eligible Ford owners can see yearly savings of $741 on their car insurance on average as they just have to pay per mile. The figure has been derived by the partners on the basis of a recent survey of new customers who saved with the insurer.

The agreement with Ford marks the first for Metromile with a major manufacturer. The insurer said that Ford’s models are the most used domestic vehicle brand among its customers.

Metromile CTO comments on the partnership with Ford

Metromile chief technology officer Paw Andersen said: “We are impressed with Ford’s commitment to innovation and its role in shaping the future of mobility. Our agreement is particularly timely, as people drive less and look for ways to save money during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Moving forward, we expect additional telematics from connected vehicles to create a better experience for customers and resolve complex or difficult to prove claims such as hit-and-run accidents.”