MetLife has increased the number of circumstances for which a person is eligible for portability as well as doubled the maximum amount of life insurance an employee can 'port', as a part of number of portability enhancements announced to its group term life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance benefits plans.

MetLife’s new portability enhancements will include adding more qualifying life events in which an employee can apply for portability including retirement, end of employment, end of the group policy, reduced coverage due to age or a change in the plan that impacts an employee’s coverage.

MetLife has increased the maximum coverage one can port from $1 million to $2 million. It will permit the employee and/or spouse to apply for preferred life premium rates with evidence of insurability which can result in lower premiums.

Graham Cox, vice president of Life Product Management, MetLife, said: When eligibility for an employer’s group life insurance benefits cease, some employees will alarmingly go without any protection at all. The new portability enhancements make it easier for employees to maintain this important financial safety net. The increased flexibility and plan maximums also help employers address the needs of a diverse workforce.