To lead IT vendor management and sourcing including global procurement teams

MetLife has appointed John Vazquez as the vice president of vendor sourcing and corporate services as well as chief procurement officer. Mr Vazquez will lead the IT vendor management and sourcing and global procurement teams at MetLife in addition to his current duties as head of corporate real estate and services.

Mr Vazquez has been sourcing corporate and contracted services for over 25 years. He has experience in contract, leasing and sourcing negotiations with major firms. He also has international experience in real estate and contract negotiations.

The company said that as head of corporate real estate and services since joining MetLife in 2004, Mr Vazquez was responsible for leasing, facilities management, construction and workplace design. He also oversees records retention and records information management, fulfillment, mail and workplace amenities and services. Vazquez also oversees the company’s owned and operated real estate portfolio.

Margaret Fechtmann, executive vice president of global capability sourcing at MetLife, said: “John has demonstrated solid leadership in managing MetLife’s real estate operations as head of corporate real estate and services and has 25 years of experience in building vendor relationships.

“With John’s broad oversight of a number of key functions, we will be able to leverage resources, processes and capabilities that enhance value to MetLife. I look forward to his continued contributions to the company’s success in his new, expanded role.”