US-based MetLife has introduced new worksite short-term disability plan, designed for groups to enhance enrollment at the work place.


The new short-term disability plan allows groups to provide a simple income protection solution for employees, which is easy to understand and use.

The employee-paid plan’s features comprise of guaranteed issue coverage, which enables employees to pay for coverage through payroll deduction.

It also provides auto-portability, which helps employees to avoid filling forms to keep the coverage, if the job is changed.

The new plan also allows employees to select the benefit amounts based on their own budget and protection needs.

MetLife group voluntary and worksite benefits senior vice president Meredith Ryan-Reid said: "We created this product in response to our research that showed that guided enrollment and educational tools help employees make more informed benefits decisions about their personal income protection needs.

"In fact, according to the EBTS, 65% of brokers agree that working with an enrollment firm increases employee understanding of benefit offerings."

Employers can select attained or issue age rates with no age maximum with the new plan. It also helps employers to select a variety of elimination and benefit periods.

Last June, the firm launched new Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL) product, which will allow policyholders to meet a variety of financial goals.

Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, MetLife provides a wide range of life insurance, annuity, employee benefits and asset management products.

With around 100 million customers, the firm provides services in around 50 countries, including the US and Japan.

Image: MetLife has introduced new worksite short-term disability plan. Photo: courtesy of Stuart Miles /