Xpertdoc, a Microsoft Gold Partner and leader in customer communication solutions (CCM), announced its partnership with Merchants Insurance Group, a provider of property and casualty insurance products for commercial and personal lines, to modernize their document generation process.

Merchants will implement Xpertdoc’s full CCM solution and is Xpertdoc’s first customer to implement its ISO forms services providing the ability to identify, track, and merge any updates and changes to ISO forms in real-time, as soon as they are published.

This is a critical component to a carriers’ business that presents the appropriate documents to satisfy the challenging regulatory requirements that can vary greatly in every state.

Updating ISO forms can be challenging, as Merchants currently uses a combination of standard and customized ISO forms, as well as proprietary internal forms. Leveraging Xpertdoc’s support of ISO forms coupled with its auditing compare tools, Merchants will now be able to achieve efficiency improvement, while minimizing the risk associated with compliance issues.

"We chose Xpertdoc because they provided an opportunity to complete the ever-critical ISO form changes without needing to overhaul our current core systems," said Tom Tempeny, Director of IT Business Services at Merchants.

"Our document generation process will be significantly streamlined and will allow a business analyst to facilitate ownership over the process instead of relying on IT development resources or third party vendors. This in turn will allow Merchants to focus on what’s most important – our customers."

As a result of this partnership, Merchants eliminated a previously cumbersome document generation process that relied heavily on IT for coding and programming templates, which delayed turnaround time.

They will also be leveraging Xpertdoc’s Content Auditor, a quality assurance tool, to get a complete picture of how versions of a form have changed throughout the editing process and easily reconcile customizations with new regulatory updates.

"As our first customer to implement the ISO offering, Merchants will now have the ability to create forms for new lines faster and improve reaction time to changes in the market, all while driving additional revenue and assuring compliance," said David Squibb, Xpertdoc’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

"This gives them the freedom to communicate effectively with their clients in a way that they can control while introducing new products more rapidly."