To help clients in managing risk by integrating data analysis and reporting solutions

MedRisk has signed a contract with Benefit Informatics to assist clients in managing risk by integrating data analysis and reporting solutions.

MedRisk provides reinsurance brokerage services to managed care health plans, self-funded employers, physicians and hospitals. By utilising Benefit Informatics’ online data warehouse and Data Analysis and Reporting solutions, MedRisk can offer clients an efficient method of analysing and reporting large claims both internally to senior management and externally to their reinsurance partners.

Steve Couch, managing partner of MedRisk, said: “By offering a more efficient analytical and reporting tool for potentially catastrophic health claims, we can help our clients become more attractive underwriting prospects and also help them recover reinsurance claims more quickly. Benefit Informatics brings together a number of sources of data into one warehouse and gives us a number of tools to analyse healthcare utilization data so that we can provide our clients with the most accurate management information.”

In working with Benefit Informatics data integration, analysis and reporting solutions, MedRisk can also monitor healthcare activity and assist clients in better managing high cost areas by involving case management, and other cost-control measures.