Medica, a health insurance company, has introduced E-prescribing service for its members, which allows a physician’s office to transmit a prescription electronically to a patient’s pharmacy, enhancing patient safety and transaction efficiency.

According Medica, E-prescribing allows a physician to check whether a patient has pharmacy benefit coverage with Medica, look up which drugs are covered by a patient’s prescription drug benefit plan and whether a medication requires prior authorization, and view information about medications a patient already is taking – including those prescribed by other providers.

Medica claims that e-prescribing causes less confusion over handwritten prescriptions or unclear phone calls; reduces the possibility of medical errors; gives a point-of-care response to providers regarding formulary status of a medication for a specific Medica member; and allows them to send prescriptions electronically to most pharmacies in the US.

Thomas Becker, medical director of care management at Medica, said: “E-prescribing is fast becoming standard practice and Medica is pleased to make an enhanced version available to benefit all of our members. We believe this will improve patient safety and help create a better health care experience for our members and the providers who choose to use it.”