Health insurance firm Medica will introduce its health insurance products in Iowa region of US in 2016, allowing custimers to meet their wide-ranging needs.

The company will sell the suite of products under the product name, Medica Insure, in the region.

Medica individual and family business general manager and senior vice-president Dannette Coleman said: "Our plans are easy to understand and we believe Iowans will benefit from shopping and the options available to them.

"Iowa has the lowest adoption rate in the country of people who are eligible buying their insurance on the marketplace; we think we can help improve that."

Medica Insure offers health savings account (HSA)-compliant plans and traditional copay plans and members can pay copay for most services and procedures with a Medica Insure Copay Plus plan.

The company noted that Medica Insure features an open access network and members can see providers throughout Iowa and Nebraska without a referral.