Medica has announced the kick-off of its traveling community engagement and sales program with the launch of the Medica Mobile, which makes its first appearance at the Nebraska-Iowa football game November 27.

The 41-foot RV is wrapped in Medica branding and is designed to travel the Midwest to bring information about health insurance to people interested in individual and family coverage. On-board, consumers can sit down with a Medica representative to find out about health insurance options in their state and even fill out an application on the spot.

The unit is equipped with private booths, as well as computer and printing equipment. Large monitors inside and outside the vehicle will feature product videos and other relevant information.

"Medica has been in business for 40 years but we recognize that people in Nebraska aren’t familiar with us," said Dannette Coleman, Medica senior vice president for individual and family business. "Rather than make people come to us to learn about Medica, we are coming to them at events like this football game."

The Nebraska-Iowa game is the first stop. The Medica Mobile will be located on Stadium Drive near the west parking lot, outside Memorial Stadium. One hour before the game Medica, from the RV, will give away two tickets to the football game.

"We are so excited to be at this football game and right in the middle of this great rivalry," Coleman said. "And we are thrilled that two lucky people will be able to score tickets from us. It’s just a small example of how we try to get the most yardage out of our visits to the communities we serve."

People who visit the Medica Mobile will have an opportunity to express what they want from a health plan by signing a "guest book" (contact information is optional). Medica uses that feedback to refine the services and plans it offers.

The Medica Mobile will travel to sporting events, festivals, fairs and other local venues throughout Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota.

Medica health insurance coverage is available for purchase in Nebraska for a January 1, 2016 effective date. Coverage can be purchased from brokers, directly from Medica or on the Health Insurance Marketplace.