Medela has launched a new resource that enables new and expectant mothers to access information and tools that help them discover breastfeeding related expenses, such as breastpump rental/purchase or lactation consultants, are covered by insurance.

According to Medela, to launch the new site it has worked with respected insurance experts to develop reimbursement-related resources, including information about submitting claims and appealing denied claims for services.

In addition, the site also includes additional sample letters that can help new and expectant parents gain assistance from their employer, healthcare provider and lactation consultant.

The company said that the downloadable resources available on the site include tips for communicating with your insurance company; understanding the benefits of breastmilk; filing and insurance claim; lactation consultant coverage; appealing an insurance claim; and quick coding reference guide.

Carolin Archibald, vice president of breastfeeding division at Medela, said: “The immediate and long-term health benefits of feeding breastmilk are well-documented. And while many carriers provide coverage particularly for infants cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, many mothers are unaware of this coverage and may need additional help in navigating the insurance system.

“This site will provide them with an important head-start on determining if their provider offers coverage and how to access this coverage.

The availability of insurance reimbursement for breastfeeding related expenses underscores the research-based facts about the importance of breastmilk. We hope this new resource adds to the body of knowledge available to new parents to help them make informed choices about their child’s nutrition.