MedAmerica has introduced new long-term care insurance (LTCi) product CareDirections Contego in the US, which provides better benefits for insureds and their families at claim time.

The firm is making the new product available in all states of the country, except Arizona, California, Hawaii and Montana.

MedAmerica marketing and communications director Tricia Burnett said: "We thought about the difference we make in the lives of our insureds and their families and designed Contego around our mission to provide financial protection and comprehensive, caring support for families who are navigating a long term care event."

The new product’s features include advance payment for facility care reimburses claimants up to 30 days sooner compared against other LTCi policies and monthly cash benefit for hospice.

It also offers an option to pay all premiums over a 10 or 20 year period and spousal benefit packages to serve the unique needs of couples.

MedAmerica president Bill Naylon said: "MedAmerica has been committed to providing affordable and effective long term care insurance products since inception.

"It is our sole focus, and that allows us to provide a level of expertise and dedication beyond that of companies whose business is spread over multiple insurance products."

The MedAmerica firms underwrite insurance for chronic illnesses across the country.