Includes enrollment, transition and investment change materials in different themes

MassMutual has planned to introduce its new Retiresmart participant engagement platform next year. The platform includes enrollment, transition and investment change materials in different themes.

Moreover, the plan sponsors can choose from a menu of options to support the theme suited to their own participant population. It will be phased into all existing and new retirement plans.

The participant engagement platform includes streamlined, action-oriented enrollment, transition and investment change materials focus on the retirement goals. The materials provide with the information they need to take appropriate action at a specific point in time. Engaging images that provide plan sponsors with choice, flexibility and relevance to their specific participant population.

According to Massmutual, the Retiresmart platform simplifies the experience for participants and plan sponsors, and also includes support for plan sponsors to help meet some of their ERISA 404(c) responsibilities.

Heather Smiley, vice president and chief marketing officer of Massmutual Retirement Services Division, said: We believe our new participant engagement materials will offer both the plan sponsor and the participant the best experience available in the market.

“Sponsors will have a variety of concepts supported by relevant imagery from which to choose for their enrollment, transition and investment change materials. As such, plan participants will receive the necessary information in a visually appealing and digestible format that makes it easy for them to take action.”