MassMutual’s Retirement Services Division has launched MassMutual Barings Dynamic Allocation Fund, which the company says is a multi asset investment option for retirement services clients and advisors.

The new fund option features MassMutual affiliate Baring International Investment’s portfolio management.

MassMutual’s Retirement Services Division Investment Management vice president Mike Eldredge said the flexibility of this approach may make this Fund suitable for those seeking active management of their asset allocation holding with the goal of real returns.

The new fund depends on the dynamic multi-asset strategy Barings, which is operated since 2002 for combining investment types from the risk/return spectrum into a portfolio that follows the Fund’s positive total real return objective.

The portfolio comprises a variety of asset types, also includes stock and bond investments from developed and emerging economies, real estate, commodities and other investment vehicles.

The new flexible, multi-asset fund approach allows managers to increase exposure to investments with higher growth potential during their growth markets anticipation and hold more defensive alternatives at their weaker markets anticipation.