Marsh, an insurance broker and risk adviser, has formed an alliance with Maplecroft, a risk analysis and mapping firm, to assist clients in analyzing and monitoring crucial political, economic, social, and environmental risks.

Marsh said the combination of Maplecroft’s resources including maps, indices, scorecards, and in-depth reports, together with Marsh’s research tools and analytics, will provide clients with in-depth analysis and up-to-date insight into the evolving global risk landscape.

As part of the collaboration, Marsh and Maplecroft will hold quarterly country risk analysis presentations and develop bespoke country risk mapping products and in-depth reports for Marsh clients, designed to their specific risk information requirements.

Some of the products available for Marsh clients to access include: political risk atlas 2011; political risk quarterly outlook; legal and regulatory environment atlas 2011; climate change risk atlas 2011; human rights risk atlas 2011; risk calculator; map maker; global risks forecast and ethical insight.

Marsh head of Global Political Risk and Trade Credit Practice Evan Freely said the combination of Marsh’s and Maplecroft’s resources is exceptional and will give clients the edge as they navigate the rapidly evolving international political risk landscape.

Maplecroft CEO Alyson Warhurst said that the Maplecroft-Marsh strategic alliance so exciting is that together we take a very broad view of political risk, Maplecroft maps and analyses dynamic risks to assess ‘traditional’ shorter term political risks, such as regime stability, rule of law, terrorism, and the business environment.

"We also focus on structural risks, which evaluate long-term trends in a country, including human rights, resource security, infrastructure readiness and climate change," Warhurst said.